Crypto casinos in Monaco

Vincens André Fournier

Signing up for an online casino will always be the doorway to gaming fun. If you want to experience an even bigger thrill, becoming part of a crypto casino could be the way to achieve that. Only some people are familiar with these, though. That’s what we’re here for – to give you an insight into Bitcoin casino sites and inform you on the best crypto casinos to join as a Monégasque player.

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Bitstarz Casino

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1Win Casino

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BC.Game Casino

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Weiss Casino

Get 300% up to 5 BTC

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Rating Casinos 8.8 / 10

Trust Dice Casino

Get 100% up to €90.000

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Rating Casinos 8.6 / 10

Ice Casino

Get 100% up to €1.500

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Rating Casinos 8.4 / 10

Mega Dice Casino

Get 200% up to 1 BTC

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Rating Casinos 8.2 / 10

Cloudbet Casino

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Rise of crypto casinos in the online gambling world

Online crypto casinos last came around a long time ago. If you go back 10 years, you wouldn’t have found any of these to join. Yet when they did start launching, they quickly garnered casino players’ attention. Bit by bit, more and more online casino sites opened catering to the cryptocurrency community.

What are crypto casinos?

A crypto casino operates in general like a standard online casino does. You’ll notice a very specific difference if you look closely at one. Crypto casinos support transactions and gameplay through cryptocurrencies. That means Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, etc. As a result, a crypto casino can provide much speedier deposit and withdrawal processes, with some crypto casino sites even operating on the blockchain itself.

The emergence of cryptocurrency casinos in Monaco
This photo shows a smartly dressed man intent on playing a slot machine accepting Bitcoin inside a futuristic casino.

The emergence of crypto casinos in Monaco

Monaco has also welcomed online crypto casino sites into the industry like everywhere else. If you have considered joining such a site, then now is a good time to consider proceeding. Such sites are still in their growth stage but have also come a long way since their early days (a short time ago in the grand scheme of things). Becoming part of a Bitcoin casino could present you with a wonderful and enjoyable experience you’ve never had before.

History of cryptocurrency in online gambling

The first ever cryptocurrency casino that came about was known as BitCasino. Looking back through this casino’s history, you’ll discover it launched in 2014. This platform was one of the first sites to support cryptos as currency. Initially launching solely as a Bitcoin casino, it incorporated other digital currencies into its supported collection. This paved the way for other casinos to follow suit, which they did.

Yet, slightly before that, cryptocurrencies were being utilised in gambling, though not at casinos. A poker gaming site witnessed the first crypto bets in 2011. The following year, an early adopter of the Bitcoin currency, Erik Voorhees, introduced Satoshi Dice to the world.

That site grew rapidly, accounting for around 50% of all the world’s Bitcoin transactions. From there, the BitCasino mentioned above site was launched two years later, and the sector escalated over the following years.

Significant developments in the crypto casino industry

There have been various developments in the realm of crypto casino gaming. If you had visited the online gaming world just five years ago, there would be less to experience than today. The appeal for crypto casinos has grown, leading to more Bitcoin casinos opening their virtual doors.

Initially, online casinos supported cryptocurrency transactions, but the funds would be converted into another currency upon arriving in your casino account. So, you could deposit in crypto, but you couldn’t play with those funds. Over the years, this changed, allowing you to deposit and play cryptocurrency games.

It’s also the case that crypto casinos can offer exclusive deposit bonuses to users. The best Bitcoin casino sites have fantastic offers to reward you when you deposit. Frequently, these special promotions will outdo the perks a non-crypto casino provides.

Cryptocurrencies for playing at online casinos
A man strolls through the corridors of the Monico casinos holding a large coin, depicting the Bitcoin symbol.

Crypto to gamble at online casinos

Perhaps you’re new to using cryptocurrencies for gambling, or perhaps just at using cryptocurrencies in general. If so, we’ve got some information you should read before proceeding. Bitcoin casinos may sound like they only work with digital currency, but that’s untrue.

Types of cryptocurrencies used in online casinos

Joining an online Bitcoin casino means possessing at least one relevant cryptocurrency. If you don’t have BTC, you aren’t restricted to using only this. Fortunately, as the years have progressed, more and more digital currencies are being accepted as payment methods at these sites.

Some popular alternative cryptocurrencies used at the best crypto casino platforms include Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Tether, Monero, Dash, Ripple, Binance Coin, Cardano, and TRON.

That’s just a small snapshot of the various cryptocurrencies because there are so many today that it would take so long to list them all. Those highlighted above are, alongside Bitcoin, the most popular in use for gambling purposes.

Advantages of using cryptocurrencies in gambling

There is much more to using cryptocurrencies for gambling than you may believe. We’ve got some insight if you need to learn the advantages of digital currencies.

  • Enhanced security – One of the most inviting parts about using crypto funds to play games at an online casino is the extra level of security you get. The blockchain technology that cryptos run on provides an unchanging ledger recording all transactions.
  • Swift transactions – Whether you’re depositing or withdrawing, you’ll experience speedy transactions – in most circumstances, instant ones. Online casinos tend to have lengthy withdrawal processes due to financial regulations. Yet, the decentralised nature of cryptos circumvents this, allowing for speedy payouts.
  • Anonymity – Whenever you send or receive money with cryptocurrencies, you don’t have to give away any of your banking or personal details. It just requires the cryptocurrency wallet address, securing your anonymity.
  • Exclusive offers – We touched on this a little earlier, but as a crypto user, you also benefit from inviting bonuses. Some casinos support fiat and digital currencies, but the crypto bonus offers will often be better regarding how much you can receive.
  • Provably fair games – Whereas a traditional online casino has games audited by third-party companies to ensure their fairness, casino games operating on the blockchain can be checked for fairness by players. This level of transparency adds another layer of security.
  • Lower fees – When you compare a crypto casino transaction with a transaction at a classic casino, the fees associated with such tend to be lower. In some instances, fees don’t exist at all with payment methods. Yet, where Bitcoin casinos are concerned, the fees are notably lower.

Before you get involved in anything, it’s important to know the legalities and regulations behind it. If you’re new to cryptocurrencies, then this remains the case. Even those already using cryptocurrencies may need extra information before playing online casino games with digital currencies.

Overview of global legislation on crypto casinos in Monaco

Monaco does not officially recognise cryptocurrency as a legal tender, which is the case in many other countries. While a legal framework for cryptocurrencies was adopted in 2022, gambling with digital assets is not considered legal for those living within the country. Of course, that pertains to any site operating from within Monaco’s borders. Any offshore crypto casino that accepts cryptos is free to do as it likes regarding offering the gambling activity.

How do different countries approach crypto gambling?

Different countries approach crypto gambling in the same way as they do anything else – in their way. It’s up to the country itself as to how it chooses to legislate the industry. Cryptocurrency casinos, for the moment, are neither legal nor prohibited as a general rule worldwide. This means that sites can often be set up, provided from foreign locations, and offered to the markets without issue.

The future of crypto casino regulation

However, the attitudes of many authorities towards Bitcoin casino games and the like are changing. If you read the news, it is evident that more and more countries are looking at the entire collection of cryptocurrencies in a much more positive way. Countries have started to discuss the regulation of assets and blockchain services actively. It could go from being viewed as a non-currency to a real currency under many governments.

Security of casinos with cryptocurrencies
Pictured is a man with his hands in his hair, surrounded by lots of cryptocurrencies floating in mid-air. The other people in the room, however, seem oblivious.

Security and safety in crypto casinos

Joining Bitcoin casinos should be taken just as seriously as joining standard sites. If you intend to sign up for an account at one, ensure the site provides top-quality safety and security. This way, you know you’re playing in a fair and safe environment.

Understanding blockchain technology in casino security

Many people look to crypto casino sites for gaming because they bring an alternative level of security. If you look at the blockchain as a massive ledger that records everything, you’re already off to a good start security-wise. So, every transaction that occurs within the blockchain is recorded permanently.

It cannot be altered, nor can it be deleted. As a result, there is an auditable trail of all activities. This ensures 100% transparency and also prevents fraudulent activities from taking place.

Common security measures in crypto casinos

The blockchain technology in effect at online casinos is one way to maintain security. If you look beyond this, you will also be able to find provably fair games. Not just games highlighted this way, but also those for which you can verify yourself as a player. Cryptographic algorithms are utilised to prove the outcomes of the games when Bitcoin gambling. This makes sure that all results are totally random and thus fair.

The best online crypto casino sites also incorporate a Know Your Customer (KYC) process to comply with any general regulatory requirements surrounding the gambling industry. This involves collecting and verifying personal information from customers. Through this, casinos can help to prevent underage gambling, money laundering and fraudulent operations.

Tips for ensuring safe and secure online crypto gambling

Security remains a constant concern for online gamblers, yet if you use Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), you can enhance your level of this. If this is your first time using this, many Bitcoin casino sites allow you to use it. Through 2FA, you will be required to provide two different forms of authentication to access your account. As a result, your casino account remains doubly protected against intruders.

You should also ensure that you are using a secure crypto wallet. This makes sure that your funds remain safe, thanks to the security features utilised by such. Using a hardware wallet to deposit and withdraw your funds is the safest option, as you don’t have to have this constantly connected to the online world. You only link it up when you need to transact.

Comparing crypto casinos with traditional online casinos

Many would ask why joining a Bitcoin casino is better than joining traditional casinos in Monaco. If you’d like to know about this, we have put a couple of details together to inform you. Many Bitcoin casinos introduce players to an altogether different sort of gaming experience.

Differences in payment processing, bonuses, and game variety

Payment processing will always be a focal point for online gamblers. If you can deposit instantly, you should be able to withdraw quickly. Well, with a top Bitcoin casino, you can. Gambling winnings can be withdrawn straight away to your crypto wallet. Compare that to the payout process at traditional casinos, where you have to wait several days for fiat currencies, and it’s already looking better.

There is also a difference in the bonuses that Bitcoin casinos offer. The crypto casino bonuses are often much bigger and perfectly enhance your starting balance. Options like a welcome bonus for newcomers, loyalty perks for returning players, VIP club options, free spins, cashback, and more are possible. Of course, this all helps while playing casino games at your chosen site.

Many crypto casinos also provide an excellent collection of games within their lobbies. Occasionally, you can play Bitcoin casino games unavailable in standard, traditional casinos. As a result, you can play exciting new slot games, live dealer games, table games, and so on.

Differences in anonymity and transaction speed

You can also look forward to anonymously doing all your gaming activity with online Bitcoin casinos. If you want to simplify this, you won’t have to share your personal banking details with the sites you join. Any transactions just require the wallet address where your crypto funds are going or the one where they will be stored when withdrawing. This makes deposits and withdrawals a simple affair, and you don’t expose anything to anyone else.

Transactions through crypto assets are always instant as well. So, as soon as you submit a deposit or make a withdrawal request, the funds move. Instant payouts have been a well-loved feature of many Bitcoin casino sites for a long time. Top crypto casinos are always noted for this, and it is beneficial for you to get your hands on your money as soon as possible.

The technology behind the crypto casinos in Monaco

Crypto casinos rely on blockchain technology for their financial transactions and are distinguishable from normal online casinos in various ways. If you want to learn more about this technology, you’re in the right place. We noted earlier that this records all information within a digital ledger. This ledger is then duplicated and distributed across an entire computer network. The path it creates will eventually become almost untraceable, thanks to technology.

Because of this, many high-quality businesses that handle vast sums of money utilise the blockchain. It’s the most secure way of protecting your financial transactions. And that’s why online Bitcoin casinos benefit from it, too. The security level of it is just the start, as the anonymity, low fees and system transparency make it even more appealing.

Pictured is a man holding a futuristic tablet, in which he appears to be looking for information about Bitcoins.
Pictured is a man holding a futuristic tablet, in which he appears to be looking for information about Bitcoins.

Getting started with crypto casinos

The way to start playing casino games at a crypto site differs from beginning at a standard casino, as you don’t need to register for an account. If you find a platform that you like the look of and can verify it as being a trustworthy site to join, then you can deposit from your crypto wallet.

How to acquire and use cryptocurrencies for online gambling

Getting your hands on cryptocurrency is a relatively easy process. It may look overwhelming if this is your first time doing it. All you need to do is visit an online exchange with good rates for the crypto asset you want. Then, sign up for an account and exchange fiat currencies for digital currencies.

Once you acquire these, they are stored in an exchange wallet, but transferring them to your secure wallet is vital. From there, you can deposit the funds at an online Bitcoin casino, claim deposit bonuses, etc. All you need is the casino’s crypto wallet address to do this.

Converting traditional currency to cryptocurrency for casino use

When you sign up for an online currency exchange site, you will usually find that most fiat currencies are supported. Certainly, the standard ones include EUR. You can then look at the exchange rate for the cryptocurrency you intend to use for online gaming, and if you’re satisfied with it, you can proceed with converting the money.

Tips for beginners in crypto gambling

You may think that playing games at Bitcoin gambling sites is like playing them elsewhere. There will be some differences if you’re new to Bitcoin online casinos. That’s why it’s vital to take heed of a few pointers before diving straight in. Take a look at these tips for a better experience at BTC casinos:

  • Conduct proper research – If you’re new to the scene, you must do proper research first. Learn about the different types of cryptocurrency and inform yourself about blockchain technology as much as possible. Researching the sites to ensure they operate as trusted Bitcoin casinos is vital.
  • Always enact responsible gambling – Whether playing at a Bitcoin casino or traditional online casinos, you must engage in responsible gambling. Never wager more than you can afford to lose. Maintain a fixed bankroll and stick to it. Try enforcing a time limit on your gaming activity as well.
  • Strategy is important – Don’t place bets on games at random. Instead, familiarise yourself with the rules of the crypto casino games. Whether you’re accessing online blackjack, intending to play slots, looking forward to living dealer games, etc., you must know what’s what.
  • Beware of scam sites – If you sign up for a recommended Bitcoin casino for Monégasque players, you will gamble in a secure environment. Avoid platforms with unrealistic bonus offers, thousands of free spins, etc. Make sure everything looks and operates as legitimately as possible.

Common questions about cryptocurrency online casinos

Now that you know about playing casino games at crypto sites, you can look at getting started with it. If you want to learn more on the subject, these few queries and answers may help.

Are crypto casinos the best choice for you?

Cryptocurrency casino sites are only for some. If you still need to decide whether they’re right for you, consider all the factors involved. Do you own cryptocurrency, or are you looking to acquire it? Do you want to become part of a casino that offers enhanced security, speedy transactions and so on, alongside a wealth of casino games?

Are you happy to play those casino games at a site that records all transactions via the blockchain and keeps everyone anonymous? If so, then Bitcoin casinos could be the best choice for you. Browse our recommended sites to find the ones that stand out best for you.

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