Casino bonuses for Monaco’s residents

Vincens André Fournier

Joining an online casino while in Monaco provides you with a great choice of games to play and the opportunity to claim casino bonus offers. You’re in the right place if you need to be informed about these. We’ve got all the information you need. Bonuses aim to enhance your gambling experience by bolstering your balance or providing you with free rewards.

This guide will inform and advise you on the different types of casino bonuses that are available, the common terms and conditions associated with receiving bonus offers, strategies that you can use to meet the wagering requirements, and more.

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Trust Dice Casino

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Ice Casino

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Mega Dice Casino

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Cloudbet Casino

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📝 Important: Some of the online casinos listed in the table above may pay us commission in the form of real money. Nevertheless, all the platforms we work with are safe and can operate regularly in Monaco. Remember to only play at casinos if you are over 18 and to play responsibly.

👏 Contributors: This page was written by Vincens André Fournier, a writer and gambling professional. Alongside him, a small team of writers, who work with some of the leading national newspapers, have worked on this page. Find out who we are and ask us your questions about gambling.

Table of contents

Understanding the online casino bonuses

It’s important to understand the different casino bonuses and how they operate. If you don’t, you could claim something you don’t know how to use. In most instances, we recommend reading through the full offer and its terms and conditions to inform yourself. Yet, we will give you further insight into the casino bonus options and what to expect from them.

Variety of bonuses in Monaco's online casinos
In this photo, there is a man inside the casino, intent on observing the numerous gift packages around him, with their mysterious contents.

Varieties of casino bonuses for Monégasque gamblers

The first step is to inform you of the different varieties of online casino bonus offers. To claim a reward, you need to know what is being offered. Below, we have put together insight into the different bonus offers and additional treats that many of the best online casino sites provide.

Welcome bonuses or packages for new players

When you sign up for an online casino, you are a newcomer. If you see a welcome bonus on offer, it is at this point that a reward caters specifically to you. A welcome bonus usually requires you to sign up for an account and then make a first deposit of a minimum amount into that account. At this point, the welcome bonus is triggered and added to your account.

A welcome bonus often matches your deposit, adding the same amount in bonus funds. Occasionally, you can experience welcome packages as well. These extend across multiple initial deposits, rewarding you with bonus funds and free spins on each deposit made. Frequently, these packages cover your first three or four deposits, providing enjoyable reasons for signing up.

Remember: casino bonuses are not available in land-based casinos. Even if some land-based casinos in the US have some sort of bonuses, the Monte Carlo Casino doesn’t have any.

No deposit bonuses: Play without risk

Imagine receiving a bonus without having to deposit at all. If a casino site has a no-deposit bonus, that’s precisely what happens. You must register for an account and receive the bonus funds afterwards. In many instances, no deposit casino bonuses will provide a small amount to you so that you can test a game or two. Some casinos also provide no deposit-free spins to welcome you before you deposit.

Deposit match bonuses can double your fun

Online casinos don’t only reward newcomers to their sites, though. If you’re a regular gamer on a platform, then you can claim deposit bonuses whenever you add money to your account. These deposit match bonuses do exactly as they suggest – match the amount you deposit in bonus funds. It’s not uncommon for them to have a maximum limit that can be provided, as is the case with most casino bonuses.

Some sites provide this type of perk when you make your first deposit of the week or if you deposit specifically on a Saturday, for example. A deposit bonus builds upon the amount you add to your account.

Free spins for the best online slots

Slot gamers love to receive free spins on top titles, and casinos enjoy giving these away, too. Free spins will appeal to you if you’re a slot fan. In most cases, you need to deposit into your account as a newcomer or a loyal gamer to receive free spins as a reward.

Most often, these spins will be granted on a specific slot title or a small group of slot machine games. You need to check the terms and conditions to find out how much each free spin is worth, but when it comes down to it, you get to play slot machines without risking your money through these.

Loyalty bonuses reserved for VIP players

It’s common for online casino sites to incorporate a reward scheme or VIP program. If you have to figure out what this is, it caters to gamers who are loyal to the site. Regularly, you will automatically become a part of a VIP scheme at your chosen online casino if you continue depositing and playing games there. Your exclusive casino bonus offers will increase when you ascend that VIP ladder.

High roller bonuses: One of the most appreciated

While many gamers consider themselves the average gambler, some like to push the boat out. If you like placing high bets and engaging in games with high variance levels, you may also be more enthused by the potential of receiving a high roller bonus.

This casino bonus requires you to make a higher deposit than the general average. When you do, you also receive a higher bonus than the norm. These high-roller bonuses boost your balance even more, allowing you to continue placing bigger bets on the top games.

Terms and conditions of casino bonuses
In this photo, there is a smiling man in the corridors of the casino, having chosen a gift packet with mysterious contents.

Common terms and conditions of casino bonuses

All casino bonuses come with terms and conditions you must know. You must check into these to know the rules surrounding the bonus or free spins you aim to receive. Different online casino bonus sites will come with different terms and conditions, but generally, there are some common inclusions to understand.

It’s important to understand the wagering requirements

Wagering requirements are the most significant term to investigate because they tell you when to withdraw your winnings. If you view the T&Cs of a bonus offer, these requirements are usually described in multiple forms. So, if you receive a bonus of €500 and wagering requirements of 25x, you must place bets equal to €500 x 25 (€12.500). Only when you have completed that can you withdraw the winnings generated from using the bonus money?

Remember that every bet that you place contributes to this. It doesn’t matter whether the bet is a winner or a loser – you have still wagered an amount, say €10. So, as soon as that bet is placed, the requirement falls to €12.490 in our example. Wagering contributions vary from site to site and game to game.

While bets on some games contribute 100% of your wagers towards completing such, others may be much lower or not offer any contribution. Those games will be highlighted within the T&Cs as well.

Game restrictions: What you can and can’t play?

Receiving a bonus is always going to be an enjoyable time. If you start playing a game and find that you’re using your deposited funds rather than the bonus funds, this game may differ from the bonus money. Terms and conditions should always note the games on which bonus money and free spins can and can’t be used.

Games with higher RTP rates are often negated from being played on with bonus funds, especially in table games, as different strategies can be utilised to give yourself the edge. This is why wagering contributions vary from site to site as well.

With the time limits, you’re racing against the clock

A bonus will only remain on your account for a while. If you receive a reward, a timeframe will be noted in the T&Cs, informing you of how long you must use it. The best online casino bonuses will allow 30 days or more for you to take advantage of the funds. Yet, some online casino bonus offers only allow seven days, sometimes less.

Free spins are typically only available for a short timeframe – sometimes, the spins expire after just 24 hours. Thus, you must use your casino bonus within the stated time; otherwise, you’ll lose it and get no benefit.

Withdrawal caps and limits on bonus winnings

Sometimes, a cap will be added to the amount you can withdraw from winning with a bonus. If you receive a welcome bonus, deposit bonus, free spins or anything else, withdrawal caps can be enforced. This is typically the case where no deposit bonuses are concerned, though. At the same time, you may be limited on how much you can win by using bonus money. This bonus win cap should be explained within the T&Cs.

Strategies for converting the casino bonus
In this photo there are two men sitting at the casino bar, laughing. Next to them are some drinks they are drinking.

Proven strategies for casino bonus conversion

Converting your bonus money into real money for withdrawal is something you need to do through wagering. If you want to get as much out of the bonus funds as possible, then there are a few proven strategies to assist with this. Inform yourself of these below.

Understanding the fine print of online casino bonuses

Whether you’re receiving free spins, a deposit bonus, a welcome bonus or anything else, understanding the fine print is key. If you don’t, you’ll never know what is required to convert the casino bonus into real money. That’s why you need to read the terms and conditions of the casino bonus from top to bottom.

Optimal games for bonus conversion

Many games exist in the lobbies of the best online casinos in Monaco. If you’re wondering which of these is the best to play for bonus conversion, you should first look at online slot machines. It is a given that you need to play these games to convert free spin wins anyway. Bets on slots always contribute 100% of your wagers, though. It is important to highlight that some casinos exclude certain slots from contributing anything, but those games should be noted in the terms and conditions.

Playing blackjack and roulette at casinos will contribute towards completing wagering requirements. However, it is often the case that only a small percentage of the wager you place on these games will do so.

Managing your bankroll: A must in every online casino in Monaco

It doesn’t matter whether you’re playing online or in a land-based venue – you must always manage your bankroll effectively. If you need clarification on what this is, allow us to explain. Your bankroll is the amount of money you have set aside for gambling. You would get this amount if you did lose it.

Yet, you need to ensure you are placing proper bets to not only allow you to experience the game(s) for longer but also to eke the funds out so that you can indeed complete the deposit bonus conversion. If your bankroll is €1.000, and you must meet wagering requirements on a bonus of €12.500, you must ensure you place bets that won’t see your balance disintegrate in seconds.

Bonus conversion system explained
In the photo we can see a man, in the middle of a casino room, intent on explaining his theory to other players.

The bonus conversion system explained

Knowing more about how the bonus conversion system works at casino sites is also ideal. If you know more about it, the easier it is to understand. Any casino bonus offer comes with specifics on converting the winnings into real money. Thus, learning how this comes about is ideal.

How do online casinos calculate bonus conversion?

The bonus conversion that an online casino includes within its terms and conditions comes in the form of a multiple of the bonus amount. If you look at various casinos, the multiple values will differ. One casino could include a 40x multiplier, and another could have a 10x multiplier.

The best casino bonus sites have lower wagering requirements; you don’t have to play through the funds as much. There is nothing that suggests there is a reason for one casino to calculate a higher multiple than others. You must sign up for a legitimate gaming site with a bonus and associated T&Cs you’re comfortable with.

The role of random number generator in fair play

All authentic online casino games include a random number generator (RNG), including casino-specific games with cryptocurrencies. If this is the first time you have heard of this, allow us to explain. It is a mechanic that ensures every game round produces random results. Third-party auditors inspect games before they are released to online casinos to ensure proper RNGs are incorporated into their makeup. This guarantees fair gaming, thanks to the random outcomes of the game rounds.

The impact of wagering requirements on bonus conversion

When you play casino games with bonus funds, winning is always great because it’s different from the deposited money you’ve been playing with. If you reach a moment of wanting to withdraw your winnings, though, you may be heavily impacted by the wagering requirements of the bonus.

Wins from bonus funds and even free spins winnings are only withdrawable once you complete the wagering. Thus, you could not withdraw the free spin winnings or casino bonus winnings. This is why it is much more ideal for players if the wagering requirements are lower. Yet even if the wagering is a higher multiple, as long as you manage your bankroll effectively, you should be able to meet the requirements.

Expert's note on casino bonuses
In this photo, we can see casino employees during an interactive lesson on gambling symbols.

The insider’s perspective on casino bonuses

As online casino gamers, we must admit that we love receiving bonus offers from our chosen casinos. Read on if you want to know more about why sites provide such and their effect on players. The best casino bonuses have undoubtedly greatly impacted avid gamers, but why are they even offered in the first place?

Why do casinos offer bonuses to their players?

Online casinos provide bonus rewards to players to make their sites more appealing. A platform’s welcome bonus may seal the deal if you’re a new player deciding which casino to join. Another will incorporate free spins into its site for you to claim after registering.

At the same time, a casino bonus can encourage loyal players to return to the site repeatedly to keep depositing and playing the available games. They’re a tool that sweetens the appeal of the casino they’re available at.

The economics behind casino bonuses

Time and time again, studies have shown that casino bonuses are an effective tool for bringing people into casino sites and retaining them. If you’re looking for a casino to become a part of, you’d likely seek one that caters to your preferences with its bonuses.

So many platforms exist with varying promotional offers that there is something for everyone to enjoy. It’s even better when the casino refreshes its bonus offers occasionally to prevent them from going stale. This way, players can always look forward to something new to benefit from in the future.

How do bonuses influence player behaviour and loyalty?

As an online casino gamer, you’re much more likely to return to a platform if you can enjoy extra money on top of your deposits. If you sign up to a site, deposit, receive bonus funds, and then you’re promised more for returning, why wouldn’t you return? Rewarding gamers like this ensures they are loyal to your site; casino operators know this. They must realise that the T&Cs also need to be manageable for gamers.

Recognising and avoiding bonus scams

Like anything, the online casino world has its fair share of scammers and rogue operators. We have a few pointers to remember if you want to avoid falling into their traps.

  • Offers that are too good to be true – We all love a good deposit bonus, but if you see something that looks like it’s just too good to be a real offer, it likely is. Massive bonus amounts extending into the thousands usually fall into this category.
  • Dubious terms and conditions – This is another reason you should always read the fine print. Should the T&Cs look shady or incomplete, it’s best to avoid them altogether.
  • Unlicensed casino – We recommend only joining an online casino with an official license. This way, you know that you’re experiencing a regulated gambling environment and that all bonus offers must be fair for players.
  • Hidden T&Cs – It’s one to read dubious terms and conditions, but it’s quite another not even to be able to find them. Any online casino offering bonus spins, a deposit bonus, etc., and doesn’t look at the T&Cs surrounding it needs to be fixed.

Common questions about the online casino bonuses in Monaco

You may have some other questions about online casino bonus offers in Monaco. If so, then find the answers to some common queries below.

Should you play with casino bonuses or not?

Everyone has their personal preferences when it comes to online casino bonuses. If you like having extra money to play games with and thus the chance to extend your gaming time, then a casino bonus works wonders. It’s not something you’re forced into doing, though. If you prefer using only your own deposited money for gambling, that’s fine.

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