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Vincens André Fournier

Want to know who works at Online Casinos Monaco? My name is Vincens André Fournier, and, as you might have read, I am 48 years old and was born and raised in Monaco. My father, a historic croupier at the Monte Carlo Casino, passed on to me a passion for the world of gambling. I created this page to give you some clarification about my work and this website.

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Values and transparency of the information you will find

At the base of my work are transparency, experience, and reliability. In short, I only write what I know without making things up or copying them from unverified sources. Why do I do this? Simply put, there’s too much misinformation on the internet. I prefer to avoid made-up information that can lead to financial losses or harm the reader.

For this reason, unlike many gambling sites, I put my face to it. Think about it: how many gambling review platforms do not publish the data of the writers who deal with them? The vast majority. Not me, though. I care about letting people know that I work on this site, together with the help of colleague Brando Guidacci, an expert gambling writer and author of numerous books.

Get to know our team
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Process of creating published content

Now, let’s explain the process of researching and verifying the information I include in the content of this site. The first thing I do is rely on authoritative sources such as Wikipedia and various online encyclopedias, trying to have multiple confirmations of each piece of information. This can also happen through printed material, even if it is scarce for more modern introductions, such as casinos with cryptocurrencies.

This system allows me to guarantee the utmost accuracy and timeliness of content in most cases. If I’m unsure about some information, I seek confrontation with those who might know more than me. I have a large network of friends engaged in this sector and historic workers at the Casino de Monte Carlo, with whom I have been friends for years.

Interaction with readers and received feedback

Although there is no comment section under each page of this site, I invite readers to interact, ask questions, and provide feedback via the email address at the bottom. The choice not to include a comment form is due to the amount of spam on the internet today, combined with gamblers’ more solitary and individualistic nature.

In any case, I remain available for direct and respectful contact at this email address: vincens@onlinecasinosmonaco.com. I would like to receive feedback on the actual usefulness of the content on the site, along with corrections, if any are to be made, related to content already published. In short, I await constructive and useful feedback from my readers.

What do we want to do in the future?

Let’s talk about the vision and long-term goals for the site. As you may have noticed, we are currently focusing on some niche aspects of gambling for residents of Monaco. Compared to many review sites, I prefer not to discuss individual online casinos you can sign up for while living in Monaco. Rather, I want to talk about experiences and the more or less common aspects of online gambling.

So, what will there be in the future? More and more commitment to improving and updating existing content and creating new ones in our small nation’s four most spoken languages. In this task, I will be helped by my trusted group of linguists, who will localise every single content into French, English, Italian, and German.

Want to contact me? Here’s how you can do it

I’ve already left my email address above, but spending a few words on contact methods was right. As anticipated, you can contact me for information and feedback at vincens@onlinecasinosmonaco.com. Remember, I don’t work 24 hours a day on this site but keep it as a hobby. What does this mean? Sometimes, it will take a few hours to respond.

I assure you that you will always receive a response to your questions or feedback, as I ignore no messages except for spam or unwanted advertising. With this, I wish you good navigation on my site and remind you that I am always available for doubts or clarifications.

Vincens André Fournier

Vincens André Fournier

My name is Vincens André Fournier, I am 48 years old and I was born and raised in Monaco. I am the editor-in-chief of this site. I am the son of a croupier at the Monte Carlo Casino, and I have always loved the gambling environment, rich in elegance and history. This passion is combined with my love for writing, inherited from my mother, a well-known French writer. As for myself, I speak and write four languages fluently and have a passion for fishing and long hikes in the mountains. I am always available for a pleasant cognitive conversation.